Recursive Flow is home to Alastair Dant, award-winning interactive graphics specialist.

After graduating with a degree in Cognitive Science from UCL, Alastair led development teams at several London startups. His experience ranges across the full stack of web technology from Oracle schemas to multi-tier applications with rich UIs.

Building on a lifelong love of computer graphics, he chose to focus on interactive software. On one hand, he co-founded an arts project that was commissioned to build sound maps of several cities in the US and Europe. On the other, he took on technical leadership of a highly successful children's game that became the UK's top-selling Christmas toy.

Following an offer from the Guardian to oversee its adoption of interactive technology, he assembled a team of designers, developers and journalists; authored a series of award-winning interactive graphics and was invited to talk at conferences around the world.

His reputation in news media resulted in an invitation to join the industry leading interactive news and graphics desks at the New York Times. Having moved to NYC, he worked on interactive features for the science desk and newsroom tools such as a real-time analytics dashboard based on streaming data processing.

Seeking an opportunity to apply his data visualization expertise to product development, he took an early role at Riffyn – a Bay Area startup specializing in process design tools for scientific R&D. With $8M in funding led by industrial giant Siemens, Riffyn is working with several prominent customers to provide a next-generation system for organizing experimental data.