Riffyn - a cloud-based collaboration tool for iterative improvement of R&D processes

Since 2014, I've been working on Riffyn Unity, a cloud-based collaboration tool for iterative improvement of R&D processes. The opportunity to apply my interactive graphics experience in a product development context has been enlightening. Research science is a data-driven domain with plenty of scope for visual communication.

Features I've developed include:

Riffyn - interactive process flow diagram

Visual design / modeling using interactive, editable Process Flow Diagram (PFD)

Riffyn - lego-like process modularity

Lego-like process modularity. Lasso steps into groups, choosing which resources to export. Convert groups to independent processes. Compose unlimited hierarchies of subprocesses. Link other people's processes into your own.

Riffyn - process versioning

Versioning of processes allows iterative improvement based on experimental discovery (or integration of linked processes)

Riffyn - resource finder

Resource finder pulls together multiple ontologies into a single, searchable repository

Riffyn - resource flow

Model the flow of resources through a process, specifying properties (e.g. origin, roast, grind, temperature) and the "genealogy" that links them together (e.g. brewed coffee comes from roasted beans and thus carries forth some of their attributes)

Riffyn - experiment design

Design experiments by varying resources and properties across "runs" (e.g. try making coffee with beans from 2 different roasters at 3 different grinds and 4 different brewing temperatures)

Riffyn - visual analysis

Visualize data with plotting tools for comparison, sharing and selection of promising permutations