Where Is Breast Cancer?

Where Is Breast Cancer – October 15 2013

The NYT Science desk is running a series to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hannah Fairfield (design), Karen Yourish (reporting) and I (development) were asked to work on an interactive graphic examining the difference in cancer rates around the world.

Hannah and I conceived an initial prototype that transitioned from a world map to a cartogram to a scatterplot. In the end, we chose to simplify things and focus on the segue from cartogram to scatterplot. Thanks to our stepper widget, we were able to organize the reporting in a Martini Glass format that guides the reader through several explanatory chapters before allowing them to explore the full data.

Where Is Breast Cancer? interactive exploration

Drawing on some stats advise from Amanda Cox, we incorporated a treatment that links back all the data points in a specific cluster of the scatterplot to their group average. Matt Ericson dubbed this the "atomic fly swatter".

The "Atomic Fly Swatter"