Vienna Media Quarter Marx

Vienna, Austria

FJUM are a lovely bunch of people helping to train journalists in Austria and beyond. I was grateful for their offer to help run a data journalism workshop in Vienna, a fine city at any time of year. Arriving a day early, I discovered that I was pretty much the first guest ever to stay in the extremely modern hotel around the corner from the venue. This led to a slightly comic back-and-forth with reception as they assigned me a succession of rooms that weren't finished yet. Having eventually found one with working shower, lockable door and the faintest whiff of wifi, I dropped off my bags and headed out in search of schnitzel.

DDJ Conference FJUM

Next morning, we kicked off with a panel on the practicalities of data journalism. I was in good company alongside Sascha Venohr of Zeit Online and Bella Hurrell from the BBC. Attendees were then provided with a selection of workshops including a data viz primer from me. I've given this talk a few times now and suspect it may be a rather intense two hours. Perhaps it would work better stretched over a day with more time for questions and hands on practice and cup or two of strong coffee 🙂

All in all, the event seemed a real success, and I would like to thank Daniella and Ewa for their genial hospitality. It's not often you get to walk around Viennese landmarks with your host's tour guide mum or spend an evening at City Hall. There's no better place for James Bond fantasies than the Concordia Press Club Ball.