News World Summit, Hotel de Ville, Paris

Paris, France

Upon arriving at the Global Editor's Network News World Summit, we were struck by the splendid surroundings of Paris' Hôtel de Ville. The sense that the French establishment supports the transformation of journalism was further instilled by the reception – the venue was so rarefied it felt like we were attending an embassy ball. The government official stating their unwavering support for digital innovation was a nice touch, although perhaps slightly undermined by his failure to pronounce Twitter, Flickr or Facebook when they popped up in his carefully prepared script.

The next evening, I was proud to accept a Data Journalism Award on behalf of our Riot Rumours project, alongside Paul Lewis and our academic partners, Rob Procter and Alex Voss. The awards were preceded by a talk from ace political cartoonist Plantu who'd been recruited to illustrate the gongs. Satirical as ever, his sketch suggests a rather dim view of data journalism's future.