Mozilla Festival
London, England

Earlier in the year, Mozilla came in to the Guardian to run a hack event as part of their search for MoJo News fellows. It was great hearing Mark Surman describe some of their current initiatives with such passion and enthusiasm. Consequently, I was really happy to be asked to put together a workshop at MozFest with Dan Sinker who runs the fellowship program (now in partnership with the Knight Foundation).

We got together the day before the conference to figure out a structure with our co-host – Bilal Randaree from Al Jazeera. This was made easier by the fact we were all over at Ravensbourne College to announce who'd been awarded the first round of fellowships. Congratulations to Nicola Hughes who'll be joining my team at the Guardian next year.

The workshop ended up focussed on Flow Media – the increasing presence of realtime content on news websites. We challenged our participants to come up with novel ways of merging content such as live blogs, comment threads and video streams. In the face of emerging events like the Arab Spring, this kind of coverage is becoming more and more important editorially. It's also a great opportunity to incorporate interactive interface ideas.

Elsewhere in the building, Liliana Bounegru and the OKFN team brought together a host of great people to write the first draft of something they're calling the Data Journalism Handbook. With contributions from folks like Scott Klein, Aron Pilhofer and Brian Boyer it's bound to be worth a read. I look forwards to getting involved as soon as I've got some time.