Hacks/Hackers New York
New York, New York

I am grateful to Chrys Wu and Jenny 8 Lee for finding me a slot at Hacks & Hackers the week I was in New York for Strata. Aside from meeting a bunch of extremely bright (and friendly) journo-develop-nologists, it gave me a chance to run through some of the material I planned to present a few days early 😉

Hurtling across Manhattan in a taxi with super sidekick Alex Graul, I was daunted to discover the event had not only sold out but also acquired a secondary ticket market. In the end, the combination of a great venue (thanks CUNY), marvellous deli food (thanks Mile End), and the enthusiastic crowd was a real winner (thanks everyone). I was particularly taken aback to discover that 95% of attendees were attempting to hire news devs. New York will clearly be home to a lot of great work in the next few years…