The latter part of 2010 has been dominated by Wikileaks stories. Although the whole circus surrounding Julian Assange has started to resemble a bit of a pantomime, it was interesting to have played a part in such a major editorial project

Wikileaks Afghan war logs

The two pieces I worked on shown above are a map cum timeline featuring all of the IED incidents in Afghanistan over a five year period (above) and a blow by blow account of "a typical day in one of the bloodiest years of the Iraq conflict" (below).

Iraq war logs: A day in the life of the war

Thanks to the flood of media attention, I was given an opportunity to describe the process behind the Afghan warlogs piece on the Flowing Data blog. The Iraq piece was envisaged by editor Ian Katz and was my first collaboration with Mariana Santos, our new motion and interactive designer. There's a summary of what went on behind the scenes over on the Columbia Journalism Review's blog.