Caledonian Road, London - sound map, interactive map by the Guardian

I first met Francesca Panetta at one of our hack days. It was great discovering she knew and liked the interactive maps I built as part of the Folksongs Project. Her production work such as the Hackney Podcast is quite unique – a multi-layered approach to audio that you seldom hear on the radio. I was thus really keen to build an interactive interface for her Caledonian Road audio tour. We put together a team featuring Chris Fenn's design talents and Jonny Reeves impeccable media programming skills.

Discussing the audio material, it became clear that the tour traversed the road from top to bottom and we could thus use the map itself to display progress through the program. Breaking the audio into chapters allowed a greater degree of non-linear access. It also presented the opportunity to give each chapter an accompanying slideshow, with each photo introduced at cue points specified by Fran.